. Preface p. 5
I The Beginning of All Things p. 9
II Odin p. 23
III Frigga p. 46
IV Thor p. 61
V Tyr p. 84
VI Bragi p. 93
VII Idun p. 100
VIII Niörd p. 107
IX Frey p. 112
X Freya p. 124
XI Uller p. 131
XII Forseti p. 134
XIII Heimdall p. 137
XIV Hermod p. 144
XV Vidar p. 147
XVI Vali p. 150
XVII The Norns p. 154
XVIII The Valkyrs p. 160
XIX Hel p. 166
XX Ægir p. 171
XXI Balder p. 182
XXII Loki p. 198
XXIII The Giants p. 210
XXIV The Dwarfs p. 217
XXV The Elves p. 221
XXVI The Sigurd Saga p. 225
XXVII The Twilight of the Gods p. 263
XXVIII Greek and Northern Mythologies A Comparison p. 274
. Index to Poetical Quotations p. 293
. Index and Glossary p. 295

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